Evado Declarative Framework is open source software written in modern JavaScript using high-performance Node.js and MongoDB servers. This tutorial demonstrates step-by-step creation of a web app, not by writing code, but by declaring entities and relationships.

Front app module

Let's create a blog. This application has entities that are familiar to everyone (article, category, comments) and simple relations between them. Required functionality:

  • create and edit articles
  • upload images and add them to articles
  • create and edit article categories (an article may belong to different categories)
  • comment on articles (comment without logging in)
  • support multi-user access
  • restrict role-based actions:
    • author - write and edit own articles
    • editor - edit other articles
    • administrator - full access
  • create client interfaces for reading and managing data
  • store application metadata in version control system

Source code of the finished application is available in a public repository.